Crucial Crew Poems

Crucial crew visit led to Heron class creating these ‘Kennings’ poems


Electrical safety

Don’t be:

Bright flasher

Electric shocker

Skin scorcher

Life claimer

Be a:Look upper, Look outer, keeper- outer



Water safety

Risk taker

Weed hider

Drag downer


Be a: sign reader , life jacket wearer, no-go swimmer, no-bridge diver


Personal  and street safety  from PCSO input

Beware of:

Stranger danger

Trust taker

Hoodie blocker


Be a…. look -arounder, phone watcher, sensible walker, safe road-crosser




First aid from St John’s ambulance

Recovery layer

Side turner

Airway opener

Miracle worker

Be a: Life saver



Fire is

Fire feaster

Smoke choker

Death maker

Be a detector checker, tidy -upper, floor hugger, wait together ,”Fire!” shouter


Smoking is


Big addictor

Tricky quitter


Life changer


Be a: giver-upper even better  a never-starter

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