Bitterns November Activities

We also owe another big thank you to Miss Stevens for helping the children with their learning about the Gunpowder plot and how to stay safe at this time of the year. They created firework pictures and were VERY excited about making chocolate apples!

Bitterns class have also been thinking about Remembrance Day. We observed a two minute silence on the 11th November at 11 o’clock and were very lucky that one of our pupils shared some of their brilliant poppy creations with us that they had made. We then all made our own poppies in a frame and discussed the significance of the day and what the poppy represents.

We have also been watching how our seeds have grown and bloomed and thinking about what conditions have contributed to this. We have also shown lots of perseverance during our PE lesson, even when it got a bit cold, and in our maths lessons by thinking about ordinal numbers and racing our cars to see what position each one finished in.

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