Herons home learning week beginning 6.7.20

Science and Technology is the theme this week: you will find out more about deep sea diving and the engineering behind a submersible vehicle and then design and promote your own submarine.

Task 1

This powerpoint Dangers for Submariners is an introduction to the problems of deep sea diving.  Make a list of what needs to be overcome when designing a submarine/ being able to explore thousands of metres below the sea surface.

Task 2  Design technology- be a material scientist:

You are going to design a new submarine and then later in English time create a powerpoint/poster/ model/advert or  a video of yourself “pitching” your design (Think of  the Apprentice series from TV?)

Go through the powerpoint on history and materials of submarines and look at the materials cards to design your own  submarine.   Make sure you label the materials used and why. This is an example of technical vocabulary you might want too and shows a cut-away- view which I thought was cool !

Now you are ready to start on the English to go with this design:

Task 3  and 4 and 5 ( I want you take your time on this!)

Promote your design for a new explorer submarine:

Aim:to show creativity, a polished presentation; knowledge of the deep sea; technical words

PLANS:  answer these questions with notes to get you thinking.

  1. Think about what you want to end up with- advert/ you on video/powerpoint/ a song? a model with explanation/poster/hand written/photos/drawing/ a mixture of these or something else creative.
  2. You could dress up/ pretend to be someone else ( the captain of the submarine/chief scientist/ designer/inventor/ winner of a competition)
  3. Who is your audience going to be? You are trying to raise money for your project? The bank? Your boss who told you to research/design the best submarine.  The government/ a charity so they will invest?
  4. What makes your design the best- persuasive language needed here:
  5. expert opinion ( who already says it is good)
  6. design features (materials used from task 2)
  7. how it will overcome the difficulties of deep sea exploration( see task1)
  8. what makes it unique/so special ( it is called the USP unique selling point)
  9. how far have you got with the design project- is this a model,prototype , been tested?
  10. imperative verbs- you  will/should…
  11. use the amazing technical words from last week’s vocabulary work and comprehensions.

Now start writing/drawing practising your script/making model/whatever you choose- try out your ideas on  your family/ school friends. Improve it and then send me what you have done by the end of the week. You can send me a draft/PowerPoint/practice  video for my constructive criticism earlier if you wish!

It will be hard to give a mark scheme as they will hopefully all be so different ,but bear in mind that the aim is to show creativity, a polished presentation; knowledge of the deep sea; technical words.

Task 6

Fill glass containers at different heights and make a watery tune by tapping the glass with a stick. This site explains the science behind it:


or this one https://www.connectionsacademy.com/resources/instructographics/music-water-glasses

or make up some watery music and send a recording.

or  tryout this cool experimental music site


Task 7 A bit more technology

How real submarines work

Submarines at home- try this if you can!

You need a 2l bottle, a drinking straw and some “blutac”


Task 8 Environmental news

Trashing the deep .

 It is not just going to be about plastic pollution which will be a problem in the future: I think  this video is very important to watch and decide about- you are the environmentalists of the future and in your lifetime, your governments will start mining the deep sea. Tell me what you think:


Herons home learning week beginning 6.7.20


A mixture of maths skills to practise this week:

Year 5

Twinklfest – problem solving with money

The mystery of the Burgled Bangers – similar to the Valentine mystery we did.  Take your time and resist looking at the answers!  Let me know if you enjoyed it and we could do another one next week.  How long did it take to do? It was two or three maths lessons in class before.

Keep up that active learn , studyladder and doodling.

Year 6 Maths

This is a transition resource provided by Thorpe High School-   their teacher explains it well on the mp3 and there is a slide show which reminds  you of what he says.

I should take three sessions to see if you can be the most successful farmer. Tell me what your profit is and send a plan of your farm. Make sure y ou follow the rules on the constraints page.

Then do the y5 work above too.  Remember to keep doodling!

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