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Our whole school topic is Oceans and Boats and Grebes have been exploring some aquatic artwork from two legendary artists, Japan’s Hokusai and England’s J.M.W. Turner. Hokusai only became an artist properly in his forties and did his best work in his seventies and eighties. He used traditional wood-block printing techniques and his pictures were intended to be sold in their thousands. Turner was famous for his dramatic paintings of the sea, using oil paints and watercolours. Here is a selection of work from Grebes inspired by these great artists.

There are some excellent, highly dramatic seascapes here! Marley sent this thoughtful email explaining his own and Turner’s art work.

“Hello Mr leaver hope you will like my drawings that my dad is sending from his phone. I noticed Turner’s work was mostly dark colours and crashing waves with boats and people falling over board. My opposite picture is a picture of a cruise ship from above with a pool two hot tubs at the back of it and a platform with steps leading up to it and on the platform there’s two waterslides with loads of people waiting in a queue and two decks on either side . My ship is sailing in calm seas and everyone is happy and enjoying there selves as they feel safe o holiday. And my ship is called Rapid-fire. I read about turner and I think he may have painted pictures with dark colours because it said he wasn’t a happy man. Hope your family is doing just fine.

Lots of love Marley”

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