Grebes Autumn 2017

Ukulele Fridays – so far this year we have learned to play chords, to change between chords, to read chord boxes, to compose our own music on the ukulele and to play and sing at the same time!

Maths Magicians – Exploring the wonderful world of maths

Outdoor Art – When the Herons returned from their trip to BeLong (see Herons page), they brought back with them ideas for art in the outdoors.

Parent Visitors – Parents of children from the whole school are invited to come in and tell us about what they do. We want children to see the range of possibilities out there in the world and how it all starts at school! Mr Harding is an environmental geologist and he showed us the equipment he uses to make maps and analyse plant life.

Sports – We love sports. At the swimming gala, Phoebe became the Year 3/4 Freestyle champ!

Stories – These are some of the stories we have read this year.

We read different versions of Beowulf and then used it to inspire some fantastic epic adventure story writing.

Bill’s New Frock
In this story Bill wakes up one morning to find he is a girl and it’s as if his former life as a boy never happened! We used this story to explore empathy and looking at life from different perspectives.

Michael Rosen and Shel Silverstein
Inspired by Michael Rosen’s Rap we wrote and performed our own raps. During this unit there was reportedly a 78% increase in rapping in the Salhouse area.

We used Shel Silverstein’s wonderfully silly and clever poetry to practise close analysis of texts.

Christophe’s Story
The dramatic story of eight-year-old Christophe and his family’s escape from war-torn Rwanda in 1994 to start a new life in England. The book is about the importance of story-telling and we used it as a basis to write autobiographical stories designed to be read out loud.

Older Than the Stars
We learned about the Christian story of Creation in RE in October and this started a big debate about how the universe began. We read about the Big Bang theory and children responded with art work. Children were fascinated by the idea that the atoms which we are made of may once have been part of a dinosaur!

Belly Flopping into the Time Vortex
We belly flop recklessly into the Time Vortex – where anything can happen – when we need to inspire creative writing and practise our spelling, punctuation and grammar skills.

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