Herons’ Autumn Term’s Learning

As part of the whole school topic “Funny Bones”, we have found out about how amazing our bodies’ organs and systems are, including a rather disgusting demonstration of the digestive process which involved a pair of tights, coffee and breakfast….. We finished the science part of this topic by cooking healthy recipes such as flapjacks and carrot cakes and even making our own apple justice using a press, it looked weird and was hard work but was named “tastyfresh” and tasted just like that.

We have become proficient at using google classroom and google slides to make presentations for assemblies on the core value of Respect to share with other classes and also to show our knowledge about NHS heroes. Here are some examples showing animation or transition of slides and our researching skills, putting information in our own words:

Following on from reading the new book “Health heroes” by Emily Sharratt, we were inspired to apply for jobs in the NHS to show off our writing skills in a formal letter. Here is the start of one:

We worked on rhythm and rhyme to write poems based on Michael Rosen’s “These are the hands”:

These are the hands,

That open the gate,

To welcome the children,

Make sure they’re not late.

These are the hands,

That write on the board,

Help us learn.

The classroom “Lord,”

Helps find our future,

Teaches us lessons,

That are super duper,

Help us find the answer,

Towards our dream job

Maybe .. a dancer?

These are the hands

That let us have fun

While working hard

Until it’s all done, Whose hands are these?

Forest School Fridays have helped develop our intra-personal skills, problem solving abilities and physical and mental well-being. Here are a few of the activities we have done so far: cooking pasta, hot chocolate,making rope swings, dens, learning knots, making parachutes and slides.

Art and music have been taught together by looking at music from different cultures,trying out the rhythmic ideas from this and then representing them pictorially through collage. What different sounds can you see here?

We have also been developing our printing and stencilling techniques ready to make Christmas cards.

Heron Class Forest School

This is art inspired by Giuseppi Arcimboldo who used fruit and vegetables to make portraits; we have used natural materials from the school grounds.

Herons’ home learning last week

As it is the last week, I am not setting tasks daily. Choose from this smorgasbord ( look that up):

Y6 going to Broadland must make sure they do the All about me task which is at the end of these tasks.

English tasks


1.Watch the video and scroll down to answer in your head some of the questions and then choose one of the activities suggested- spend 30 mins on this.

2.The stolen space suit mystery is like the maths mysteries from last week , but is spelling and punctuation practice (badly needed) and you don’t need to print it out- don’t look at the answers either until the end!

3. This time capsule will help you to think about the end of year ( as well as practise your sentence writing for perhaps a while!) Keep it with you over the summer.

4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zkbkf4j/articles/zbm8scw is to revise your spellings – play the Crystal Explorers with BBC keystage 2

Maths Tasks

Some more mystery maths for you The pilfered penguins

The festival camping chaos ( has a hard clue 5 on angles) or the Melting Icecream mystery (easier)

The moji road trip mystery instructions and the moji road trip mystery game (easier)

Play one of your old favourites : Guardians of Mathematica BBC key stage 2 game ( type that into the search engine if this link doesn’t work). https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zd2f7nb/articles/zn2y7nb

Virtual Book task for y5 and y6

At the end of Year 6, pupils would ordinarily have the opportunity to gather ‘goodbye and good luck’ messages from their Teachers and friends, often written in a book which they can keep and treasure. Today’s task will create a ‘Virtual Leavers Book’ in which you will write a colourful message, memory or picture of farewell and goodluck to the Year 6 .Send this in to to me via email or googleclassroom. I will then put these together to create the ‘Virtual Leavers Book’ and put on the website and google classroom. We may be able to print them out to give to them when they go in for their last day. Don’t put surnames on it but you can put your first name.

Sports Day

If you have brothers/ sisters or willing parents , you could do some sports day type activities. Here are lots of ideas: Home Sports Day parent guide and Home sports day activity guide. If not do something active – cycle ride, the jumps from a few weeks ago. Tell me what you do!

Origami challenge

You need a paper square, sides about 12cm or bigger to try these out. What is the smallest origami animal you can make? butterfly, frog, fish, rabbit(easy) crane (harder)


Music ideas Chrome has lots of ideas to extend your use of the Chrome music lab I suggested last week. These ideas are thanks to Mr Leaver who has already been very creative on it. What can you do? Send me the link to share.

Secondary school Y6 only

All about Me

If you are going to Broadland, then as you will see from their website, they would like you to do this:

This is from BHS website:

As part of the transition programme we would like all students to design an ‘All About Me’ poster. Students often use a sheet of A3 paper and place a picture of themselves in the middle. They then fill up the sheet with pictures, writing, drawings of anything that describes their interests, hobbies, family etc.

It can be completed in any format, some have presented it as a diary, a written piece, or a slide show. All of these methods are fine.

Please be aware that this information will form part of a Form Tutor activity in September, and students should therefore not share any information they would be uncomfortable with.

Here is a template if you are not sure what to do:

This activity needs to be handed in, on the first Year 6 Induction Day, so take it with you in September!

If you are worrying about High School, these short videos might reassure you:




Then when you have done ALLLL that, enjoy this Friday quiz of guess the object from looking at a close up photo. I couldn’t get them al! YOU need to download the powerpoint quiz and then run it to make it work properly. Could you send a photo of something up close for people to guess next week?

Herons home learning week beginning 6.7.20

Science and Technology is the theme this week: you will find out more about deep sea diving and the engineering behind a submersible vehicle and then design and promote your own submarine.

Task 1

This powerpoint Dangers for Submariners is an introduction to the problems of deep sea diving.  Make a list of what needs to be overcome when designing a submarine/ being able to explore thousands of metres below the sea surface.

Task 2  Design technology- be a material scientist:

You are going to design a new submarine and then later in English time create a powerpoint/poster/ model/advert or  a video of yourself “pitching” your design (Think of  the Apprentice series from TV?)

Go through the powerpoint on history and materials of submarines and look at the materials cards to design your own  submarine.   Make sure you label the materials used and why. This is an example of technical vocabulary you might want too and shows a cut-away- view which I thought was cool !

Now you are ready to start on the English to go with this design:

Task 3  and 4 and 5 ( I want you take your time on this!)

Promote your design for a new explorer submarine:

Aim:to show creativity, a polished presentation; knowledge of the deep sea; technical words

PLANS:  answer these questions with notes to get you thinking.

  1. Think about what you want to end up with- advert/ you on video/powerpoint/ a song? a model with explanation/poster/hand written/photos/drawing/ a mixture of these or something else creative.
  2. You could dress up/ pretend to be someone else ( the captain of the submarine/chief scientist/ designer/inventor/ winner of a competition)
  3. Who is your audience going to be? You are trying to raise money for your project? The bank? Your boss who told you to research/design the best submarine.  The government/ a charity so they will invest?
  4. What makes your design the best- persuasive language needed here:
  5. expert opinion ( who already says it is good)
  6. design features (materials used from task 2)
  7. how it will overcome the difficulties of deep sea exploration( see task1)
  8. what makes it unique/so special ( it is called the USP unique selling point)
  9. how far have you got with the design project- is this a model,prototype , been tested?
  10. imperative verbs- you  will/should…
  11. use the amazing technical words from last week’s vocabulary work and comprehensions.

Now start writing/drawing practising your script/making model/whatever you choose- try out your ideas on  your family/ school friends. Improve it and then send me what you have done by the end of the week. You can send me a draft/PowerPoint/practice  video for my constructive criticism earlier if you wish!

It will be hard to give a mark scheme as they will hopefully all be so different ,but bear in mind that the aim is to show creativity, a polished presentation; knowledge of the deep sea; technical words.

Task 6

Fill glass containers at different heights and make a watery tune by tapping the glass with a stick. This site explains the science behind it:


or this one https://www.connectionsacademy.com/resources/instructographics/music-water-glasses

or make up some watery music and send a recording.

or  tryout this cool experimental music site


Task 7 A bit more technology

How real submarines work

Submarines at home- try this if you can!

You need a 2l bottle, a drinking straw and some “blutac”


Task 8 Environmental news

Trashing the deep .

 It is not just going to be about plastic pollution which will be a problem in the future: I think  this video is very important to watch and decide about- you are the environmentalists of the future and in your lifetime, your governments will start mining the deep sea. Tell me what you think:


Herons home learning week beginning 6.7.20


A mixture of maths skills to practise this week:

Year 5

Twinklfest – problem solving with money

The mystery of the Burgled Bangers – similar to the Valentine mystery we did.  Take your time and resist looking at the answers!  Let me know if you enjoyed it and we could do another one next week.  How long did it take to do? It was two or three maths lessons in class before.

Keep up that active learn , studyladder and doodling.

Year 6 Maths

This is a transition resource provided by Thorpe High School-   their teacher explains it well on the mp3 and there is a slide show which reminds  you of what he says.

I should take three sessions to see if you can be the most successful farmer. Tell me what your profit is and send a plan of your farm. Make sure y ou follow the rules on the constraints page.

Then do the y5 work above too.  Remember to keep doodling!

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