Fledglings Autumn 2020

Throughout the Autumn Term the children settled back into Nursery brilliantly, after a significant amount of time away from their friends and the busy Nursery environment.

The children experienced Remembrance Day by carrying out a minute’s silence and creating poppies with different resources, using their fantastic imaginative skills.

They also learnt all about fireworks, by mixing coloured paint on tinfoil to see what colours they could create… and building rockets with various construction materials, focusing on the different shapes they could see, “this one has 2 long sides”, a child observed!

The children made Diva Lamps to celebrate Diwali, including trying out some yummy Indian food such as Poppadom’s and Naan bread. We also read the story of Rama and Sita, which the children enjoyed retelling throughout their role play.

We spent lots of time in our wonderful outside area too! We were all very intrigued by worms… learning how to handle them carefully and all about where they live! The children have also enjoyed using the pipes as a slide for different transport vehicles like cars and trains.

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