Fledglings Spring 2020

Over our spring term we have been making the most out of the rain! The children spent lots of time out in the garden, jumping and splashing in the puddles. The children were great problem solvers, making great use of the garden resources to transfer water from one place to another.

The children enjoyed book week, they used great skills creating their own Elmer the Elephant and threading their own Gingerbread person.

We have also been creating robots. Using different shapes and patterns of Numicon to design their own robot, working out which shapes would fit together, this was quite tricky! The children also made their own robots out of junk modelling, using their imagination and different tools to stick their boxes and other items together. They looked fantastic!

The children also opened their own flower shop. This included being able to plant their own seeds and flowers using the different gardening tools, and discussing with the adults and their peers about what seeds need to grow. The children designed their own flowers with their own choice of materials and had a chance to do observational paintings of some lovely daffodils!

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