Fledglings Winter 2020/21

We have been lucky enough to experience some fantastic snow this year. The children have certainly made the most of it – we decided to use our trays as sleds! We are not sure who enjoyed it more… the adults or the children?! We also explored snow in other ways, making snowmen out of shaving foam, it was described as “soft and sticky” by the children!

We have also been planning lots of home learning activities throughout January and February. The children received activity ideas to talk about positional language: where Simone and Sophie are in relation to their snowmen! (Next to, in front of, behind?) Also, scavenger hunts, to see what objects the children can find around their homes and on their walks, grouping them into categories like shape, size and colour.

We also celebrated the Big Garden Bird Watch, encouraging children staying at home to create binoculars out of cardboard tubes to spot the different birds in the sky! The children at Nursery also created bird feeders; the birds were very happy with these in the garden!

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