Herons Week 4 Summer learning

English and History together

Use your best writing skills- using all those conjunctions (list provided below) in your history research writing  a REPORT about the Vikings.

Answer this question:

What evidence is there that the Vikings came to Norfolk?

You need to include:

10 marks for dates  – chronology!

20 marks  for Artefacts and what they tell us about life in Viking NORFOLK- (You could include a few photos,drawings- but remember this is primarily a history writing task not art or how good you are at cut and paste)  You can handwrite/type/powerpoint but there must be lots of writing!!!  This would normally take three or four afternoons at school as a BIG WRITE!

20 marks sentence construction

10 marks spelling and punctuation

10 marks introduction ( tell me what you are going to show/ each paragraph will be about)

10 marks main part of REPORT

10 marks conclusion  (very important – don’t add new stuff- summarise what you found)

10 marks presentation/overall look of piece

Remember it is about NORFOLK and Vikings so don’t write about York, long ships, children, food  etc unless you can link it to NORFOLK  – remember the Egyptian pyramid writing task you did and lots of you write about Tutankhamun…???

Here are a few links to get you started – maybe even enough- but you may find out more interesting things!

http://www.heritage.norfolk.gov.uk/record?tnf1508  a walk around Norwich tells you how influential  ( what does that word mean? Look it up!) on the development  of our city.


https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/what-did-the-vikings-do-for-norfolk-1-5883375   lots of clues here.

https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/viking-exhibition-opens-at-norwich-castle-1-5885427  gives further evidence- pity we didn’t do Vikings last year!

Conjunction chart

Maths  Week 4

This is a revision of factors – you had previously been set some online practice of this already.

Answer the questions on the power point  Factors first. Write your answers, so you can show me you didn’t just click to see the answers. Then do this sheet: y5 Factors    Y5 answers

OR go “deeper” to ty some questions on the second powerpoint common factors in more depth and do this harder sheet. y6 Common factors     Y6 Answers

Take a photo of your work, send it in or just remember to click the “hand in” button and type me a comment to tell me how it went.

If you are keen to stretch your maths brain, try this nrich activity https://nrich.maths.org/1138

Don’t forget to doodle- and studyladder or activelearn!!!!


A revision of weather powerpoint  .  Here are the days of the week worksheet.

Can you write a sentence for each day to say what the weathe was in SPANISH.? e.g Hoy  es jueves y hace calor pero hace frio en la noche.    = Today is Thursday ( do you notice they don’t capitalise days of the week?) and it is hot but cold in the night ( frost killed my potatoes last night…)


Have a go at Viking art- they used to scratch words into metal/ stone ( NO do not do it to the table – do it on paper or clay or pastry/playdough!  runes worksheet

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