Our School is a happy and safe community where everyone shares a love of learning.

We take strength and direction from Isaiah 40 : 31
“They will soar on wings like eagles,
They will run and not grow weary,
They will walk and not be faint”.

Our Christian Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Trust, Courage, and Compassion underpin all we say and do.

Fledglings at Salhouse School

Salhouse Primary School is a community based school which incorporates Fledglings Nursery along with Fledglings Breakfast and After School Club. The setting provides a safe, secure, and stimulating environment in which your child will develop to their full potential by learning through play. Please contact a member of the Fledglings team on 01603 720402 (option 3) or fledglings@salhouse.norfolk.sch.uk for any information or to book.

Winter 2024

Since returning after the Christmas break, we have been celebrating the New Year and focusing on different fairy tales, due to many of the children visiting the Pantomime over Christmas and excitedly retelling us the various stories. We have had the dress up costumes out, which the children have enjoyed using for role-play. For Jack and the Beanstalk, we have been making our own ‘Magic Beanstalks’ with the letters of our names, as well as comparing the sizes of the Giant’s footprints with lego bricks! We have also been looking at Goldilocks and the Three Bears, where we have been enjoying some sensory play with oats, scooping and transferring with different utensils. The children have also been retelling and re-enacting the story at group times!

We also made the most of the snow! The children excitedly explored the school field and the garden where they discovered the difference in how the garden objects looked and felt whilst covered in snow and ice.

We are looking forward to the term ahead where we will be getting involved with the Big Garden Birdwatch with RSPB, learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year and of course… pancake day!  

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Fledglings Staff


Office and Administration Manager Mrs Tracy Chambers
Education, Learning and Development Manager Miss Sophie Middleton
Room Lead Miss Beth West
Nursery Assistants Mrs Simone Bell, Miss Abbie Clarke and Miss Chloe Robson

Tracy Chambers - Office and Administration Manager
Level 3 Diploma Early Learning and Childcare Pathway

Sophie Middleton - Education, Learning and Development Manager
BA (Hons) Childhood Studies

Simone Bell - Nursery Assistant
Level 3 NVQ Childrens Care, Learning and Development

Abbie Clarke - Nursery Assistant
Level 3 Health and Social Care

Beth West - Nursery Assistant
Working towards FdA Early Years

Miss Chloe Robson - Nursery Assistant
Level 2 Health and Social Care

Opening Times

Fledglings provides an early years provision Monday to Friday from 7.45am to 6pm, term time. Children from 2 years of age are able to attend our Nursery with funding available for 3 year olds, please see Tracy or Sophie for more details. Parents and carers are most welcome to stay for the settling in period to ensure their child feels happy, safe and secure in their new environment. Some children may settle very quickly, others taking more time and needing a more gradual integration.

How and when you pay

Fledglings as a Nursery is self-financing. Funding from Children’s Services entitles your child in the term following their third birthday to have 15 hours of universal child care. If you would like 30 hours funding, this would need to be applied for on the GOV.uk website. If you are eligible, this will commence the term after you applied. This can be shared between two providers. Parents of children not eligible for funding will continue to pay the sessional fee. We also accept childcare vouchers, as well as Tax-Free Childcare. Invoices are sent out every half term. All sources of income cover the cost of; Staffing, Premises, Administration, Insurance, Equipment and materials, Snacks, Staff development and training.

Payment can be made by:

  • Cheque
  • Direct Payment – details:
    Barclays Bank
    Account name: NCC Salhouse VC Primary School
    Account number: 60691224
    Sort code: 20-62-61
  • Work place child care vouchers are accepted
  • We provide 2 year and 3-4 year old funded places

We are not able to take credit card payments. Families faced with financial hardship should consult with Tracy who will be able to offer advice.


Nursery 9am to 12pm or 12pm to 3pm £15.00
Breakfast Club £4.00
After School Club 3pm to 4.30pm £6.00
After School Club 3pm to 6pm £10.00
Extending from half session to full session in After School Club. £5.00

All pre-booked sessions are payable, any amendments to these sessions will require 4 weeks written notice or you will continue to be charged.

Fledglings Clubs

To book a child into the Breakfast Club, or After School Club please ring the Fledglings on 01603 720402 Option 3 or email fledglings@salhouse.norfolk.sch.uk

In emergencies we can take children into the clubs at the last minute but please contact the school with details.

Primary/First School Links

Fledglings is located at and part of Salhouse V.C C of E Primary School we have a close partnership with the school. Being sited within the school grounds has a beneficial effect on the children as they grow and reach school age. The transition between Nursery tends to be smooth as the children are already familiar with their surroundings and the older pupils and the staff.

Our Aims and Objectives

Our Aim is:

  • To provide a safe, secure, and stimulating environment in which your child will develop to their full potential by learning through play.
  • To deliver effectively a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.
  • To develop self-motivation, confidence, self-discipline and respect.
  • To work closely in partnership with parents, to the benefit of your child.
  • To prepare your child/children for the opportunities and experience of Primary/First School.

Fledglings provide the opportunity for your child/children to:

  • Learn through play.
  • Share and enjoy the company of other children.
  • Be in a group which values everyone, where there is freedom of opportunity for personal growth and development regardless of gender, colour, ethnicity, religion or social background.
  • Develop at his or her own pace with the support of trained staff.
  • Grow in self-confidence by being part of a positive environment and learning to choose from a range of activities and materials, by trying new skills and receiving praise for achievement.
  • Take forward their learning and development by building upon what they know and what interests them.
  • Gain independence.

Policy Statements

Fledglings Nursery has a range of documented policies and procedures to protect, safeguard and promote wellbeing of children. All documents are available on the Salhouse School Website, under ‘Key Information’ for parents and carers to view. These policies serve as a constant reminder of what we are aiming to do and demonstrate the high standards we aim to achieve. Any comments and suggestions from parents/carers are always welcome.

Key Person Approach

At Fledglings Nursery we operate a Key-Person approach. Each child is assigned a Key-Person. Their role is to build a strong attachment with each of their key children. They will ensure that the learning and care is tailored to meet each child’s needs. They also are a point of contact for parents and carers, allowing for information sharing and offering support and guidance where and when is needed. A child who has a secure attachment with their Key-Person feels safe, secure and valued within the Nursery. We feel that children who feel safe and secure develop the confidence to explore their physical environment and become confident and competent learners.

Early Years Foundation Stage (0 - 5 years)

Here at Fledglings we work within the frame work of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) encompassing the three prime areas of learning:

  • Communication and Language (CL)
  • Physical Development (PD)
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

The EYFS sets the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five. The EYFS framework recognises the fact that “every child deserves the best possible start in life and support to fulfil their potential”

Children are individuals who progress at their own individual pace. Through careful observation, planning and evaluation, we aim to support learning and development through play-based activities, beginning with what a child already knows or has an interest in and then by adding enhancements. They are stretched and can continue to have fun and enjoy learning.

Health and Safety - Group Responsibility

‘Every child has the right to be protected and it is everyone’s responsibility to protect children’.

Fledglings has a duty and responsibility under the 1989 and 2004 Children Acts to report any concerns regarding your child to Norfolk County Council Children’s Services who have procedures to follow. Fledglings Pre-School is obliged to disclose any confidential information which is relevant to the safety of a child to the Norfolk County Councils Children’s Services who will in turn make confidential enquiries which they deem necessary from other agencies.

For more information regarding safeguarding please read our safeguarding policy or speak to the Safeguarding Lead Practitioner (SLP) Mrs Tracy Chambers or Julie Church Head Teacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead).

SENDCo: Mrs Tracy Chambers and Miss Sophie Middleton
Salhouse Primary School SENDCo: Ms Choo Chean Laband

If you would like to have a private chat with Mrs Chambers, please make an appointment via email: fledglings@salhouse.norfolk.sch.uk or call 01603 720402 (option 3).

Cameras and Mobile Phones

Personal cameras are not permitted in Fledglings, this is to ensure the security of the children in our care. We politely request that if parents or carers bring a mobile phone onto the premises that it is kept in a pocket or in a bag. We appreciate that you may need to take a call, if this situation arises could you explain to a member of staff then go outside, away from children.

If you require any further information regarding this, please talk to Tracy or Sophie.

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