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The Friends of Salhouse School (FOSS)

The Friends of Salhouse School (FOSS), is a registered charity (1026473), which is run by a committee elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The objective of FOSS is to support the school by providing additional facilities/materials for pupils that are not normally provided by the Local Education Authority through fundraising and social events, and further relationships between the pupils, teachers and parents and the wider community.

Over the past year FOSS has continued to flourish with more people getting involved in the planning and running of events. In total, this year FOSS has raised over £4500 for the school.

Following the past two years of hard fundraising, FOSS have now been able to fund two all-weather outdoor table tennis tables, a seven piece trim trail, which was finally installed in June and have pledged £2000 towards a hillside slide that school are keen on installing. FOSS has also agreed to pay for a whole school puppet show to visit school, which we hope will happen sometime in the near future. FOSS is continuing to support the school in a huge range of areas and will continue to do so with your support and encouragement.

If you would like to join FOSS please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the email below or alternatively in person with one of our committee at the school gate!

  • Chair – Vicki Welin (Arthur Welin, Coots Y1)
  • Treasurer – Katie Aldis (Jacob Aldi, Coots Y1)
  • Secretary – Caroline Britton (James Britton-Newson, Coots Y1)

Email Foss at :

Help support the school and get involved!

Contact Rachael Constantine in the school office on 01603 720402 or for any information or queries.

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Our School… Is a happy and safe community where everyone shares a love of learning.

Our Christian Values of… Respect, responsibility, courage, trust, perseverance and compassion are at its heart.