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Kingfisher’s class is for Year 3 pupils and the class teacher is Mrs Tootill.  Mrs Tootill is supported by Mrs Holmes and Mrs Ryan.

Desert Island

The Kingfishers Class have LOVED being marooned on a desert island and all that has entailed.

We have been foraging for food, building shelters and lookout posts and encountering many beasts, both mythical and real.

We have been extra careful to avoid the lava flow from the erupting volcano. I only hope we are rescued soon!

Novel Writing

One of the Kingfishers has been writing their first novel. You can enjoy a sneak peak of chapter one right here...


The sun poured into the Username children bedroom. Heather who was 11 yrs old lay still on the top bunk of her bed. She was awake but she had her eyes closed. She knew his day was to dread. It was September and the summer holidays were over.

Slowly, she opened her eyes and got down from from her bunk and kneeled on the floor facing the bottom bunk and said ‘Hermione, are you awake?”. Her nine year old sister only stirred and grumbled in reply. “We've got to go back to boarding school today" said Heather.

With that Hermione almost fell out of bed. "what did you say that for?" she cried. heather grinned, "I was only telling the truth, its the third of September. Come on let's go and wake Jessica".

They walked over to where their four year old sister was sleeping. Heather and Hermione heard some giggles coming from underneath the duvet so they knew she must already be up and doing something.

When they looked under the duvet they saw jessica making an absolute mess with some paints.

Watch this space for more exciting installments!


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