School Performance 2019

Salhouse KS2 data 2019

The school feels immensely proud of the progress and attainment children have made under the lead of excellent teachers and support staff.  This is a brief  headline summary of outcomes for 2018-2019.  For further details, please visit and follow this link for updated details

Data 2019

Percentage of children achieving the expected standard or above

KS2 Salhouse % National %
Reading 64 73
Writing 82 78
Mathematics 73 79
Grammar Punctuation and Spelling 64 78
Combined reading, writing and mathematics 64 65


In 2019 tests were reported as a scaled score. This scale went from 80 to 120. Children were deemed to have reached the expected standard if their scaled score was 100 or above and at the higher standard if over 110.  To find an average points score the scores of all children at Neatishead were added together and then an average was found.


Average Points Scores at Key Stage 2 2019

  Salhouse National
Reading 105 106
GPS 105 104
Maths 104 105


Progress Data Key Stage 1 to 2   2019

Another way a school’s performance is measured is through the progress the children make between being assessed in Year 2 and then Year 6. A child making average progress from their starting point at the end of Key Stage 1 would have a progress score of 0. Children making less than average would have a negative progress score and those making above average progress would have a positive progress score.

Reading -3.6
Writing -5.7
Mathematics -4.88


Salhouse KSI Data  2019

Phonics screening is carried out for all pupils at the end of Year 1 and for those pupils in Year 2 who had not reached the expected standard in Year 1. Government standardised tests / teacher assessments are carried out for all Year 2 pupils.

  School % National %
Phonics   Year 1 94 82
Reading   Year 2 89 75
Writing    Year 2 89 69
Maths      Year 2 89 76


Early Years Foundation Stage 2019

Children at the end of Year R are judged at whether they are at a ‘Good Level of Development’ through thorough teacher assessment.

  School % National %
Good Level of Development 95.5 72

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