Empathy Day

Empathy Day empowered all of our Coots, Bitterns, Grebes and Herons to work together. Each mixed-age group of children experienced new books together. They explored the stories together, enjoying crafts, art, music, drama and discussion to share their thoughts of the deeper feelings of the characters.

Our children, older and younger, helped each other as they tried new practical techniques and enjoyed each others’ company.

We ALL looked deep into ourselves to question how we make others happy; if we share as much as we are able; if we embrace everyone’s uniqueness and if we have the courage to step in when we see that we can help.

As one five-year-old explained,
“Empathy is when you think about someone’s feelings from someone else’s shoes.”

This may not be a dictionary definition – but we know exactly what she means and it suited our wonderful day!

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