Heron Class Dress Rehearsal

Heron class entertained the whole school with their dress rehearsal. “Off with her head!” Come and watch the performances this Thursday 1pm and  5pm.

Big Butterfly Count

Children at Salhouse will be taking part in the Big Butterfly Count. So far the count stands at ONE… this Ringlet butterfly spotted on the wall in Grebes class!

Grebes and Herons Neolithic Skills

Grebes and Herons learned three skills from the Neolithic (Late Stone Age) and early Bronze Age:

1. Throwing spears using the atl-atl – an arm-extending tool which gives enough whip and distance to bring down a mammoth!

2. Making and testing bows made from willow.

3. Making jewellery from hollowed-out elder sticks.

Great teamwork between the two classes!

Grebes – 3D Clay Stone Henge

On 5/6/19 Grebes created a clay model of Stonehenge and learned about this important historical site. But what is Stonehenge?

Eoin: “People just literally dragged the stones there!”

Maci: “It’s a kind of clock or calendar.”

Vinnie: “It’s a place of religious worship.”

Alex: “It’s like a temple where people prayed to the Sun.”

Kade: “Maybe the stones are in a circle to represent the Sun…?”

Great work from Next-Year’s-Grebes this morning

Great work from Next-Year’s-Grebes this morning, working as a team to solve puzzles like these ones, and sharing songs together on ukulele. (By the way, the consensus was that the monkey left the line because it disliked even numbers.)

Salsa Band

We have started up a Salsa band playing new instruments such as the conga and guiro. Their first performance was in the celebration assembly 17th May.

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