North Norfolk Girls’ Football Tournament

On Wednesday November 13th, Salhouse participated in the North Norfolk Girls’ Football Tournament held at North Walsham Town FC. After losing the first two games, the team rallied, defending really well and not conceding another goal. We will aim to build on this in the Spring tournament in 2020! Full results were as follows:

0-1 Millfield (Loss)
0-2 Rackheath A (Loss)
2-0 Rackheath B (Win)
0-0 Tunstead A (Draw)
0-0 Tunstead B (Draw)
0-0 Colby (Draw)

Herons Autumn 2019

We have been busy in English lessons developing our knowledge of how to persuade readers with rhetorical questions, emotive imagery and the use of imperatives. Take a look at our leaflets advertising Virgin Galactic space flights which show off our impressive IT publishing skills whilst trying to persuade you to part with £200,00 for a flight. (It is a bargain as you get a £1million view in space!)


In science, we have successfully worked in groups to accurately produce scale models of the solar system using our math’s measuring skills. Look how big the Sun is yet Earth is only 3 mm on this scale!

In Forest School, we have been experimenting with tarpaulins: building our team work and communication skills as we carry each other and also using the tarps as parachutes to consider how space ships might use them to return to land. We have found out about forces and air resistance.

Continuing the space theme in Art, we have experimented with paint to create constellations and galaxies using bubbles!

We are currently composing planetary music in response to Holst’s Planet suite.. .How would Neptune sound to you?  We are using keyboards to create texture, ostinatos and crescendos.  The finished pieces and accompanying explanations will be uploaded soon.

Cluster Football Tournament

16/10/19 – Brilliant work at the Cluster football tournament – 2nd place for Salhouse! There were three penalty shoot-outs in the knock-out stages, showing how close the competition was. Well done to everyone in the team, they did us all proud with their effort, skill and sportsmanship. Well done to our sister school Neatishead too!

Dentist Visit

The dentist came to visit us today.  We all had a turn at brushing teeth making little circles, and we learnt that we should clean out teeth twice every day.  Did you know we have 20 baby teeth?

Heron Class Dress Rehearsal

Heron class entertained the whole school with their dress rehearsal. “Off with her head!” Come and watch the performances this Thursday 1pm and  5pm.

Big Butterfly Count

Children at Salhouse will be taking part in the Big Butterfly Count. So far the count stands at ONE… this Ringlet butterfly spotted on the wall in Grebes class!

Grebes and Herons Neolithic Skills

Grebes and Herons learned three skills from the Neolithic (Late Stone Age) and early Bronze Age:

1. Throwing spears using the atl-atl – an arm-extending tool which gives enough whip and distance to bring down a mammoth!

2. Making and testing bows made from willow.

3. Making jewellery from hollowed-out elder sticks.

Great teamwork between the two classes!

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