Herons’ Geography

Linked to our science and history, we visited the Wind Energy Museum which showed how the Norfolk Broads were drained using different sorts of pumps as so much of our land here is below the river level. Wind energy and later developments have enabled landuse to change from marsh to farmland. We have learnt about the importance of the rivers in the past as a transport network (see history). We walked from the museum along the river to see the marsh, river, drainage ditches and farmland until we reached Thurme Mill, one of the last working windpumps in Norfolk. We watched the sails turn the cogs to pump the water into the river.

Bitterns Geography

In geography we have been learning about the United Kingdom. We all boarded our class bus and traveled to London where we saw lots of landmarks and famous places. We enjoyed watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks and listening to the national anthem. We even created our own maps of London and built some of the landmarks out of Lego. This week we boarded the bus again and headed to Scotland and Wales. We learnt about welsh traditional food, clothing and dancing. When visiting Scotland we listened to the bagpipes and looked at the kilts. We were especially keen to spot the Loch Ness Monster. 

Kingfishers Global Warming Posters

As part of their work on weather and climate, the Kingfishers have been learning about the impact our actions have on the environment. Look at these wonderful, thought provoking posters they have produced!!!

Daphne’s poster of Kiribati island. The ship is bringing more sand to the island to build it up much like what they have done at Bacton and Walcott on the Norfolk coast line.
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