Very proud of our football team

We were defeated in the cup semi-final tournament by excellent Colby and Rackheath teams but the team worked their socks off. We are very proud of them! Congrats also to our neighbours Rackheath who took home the cup!

Broadland Cluster Tag Rugby

7.3.18 North Waslham Rugby Club

Jack, William, Bradleigh, Bethany, Sydney, Ethan, Grace, Timmy, Jaydon, Chloe, Holly, Jude, Ebonie, Willow, Peter, Noah

This event involved schools in our cluster. Out of 9 teams, having taken two teams, we came 3rd and 9th

‘We did really well despite the weather’ Timmy

Norwich East School Sports Tag Rugby

14.3.18 North Walsham Rugby Club

Bradleigh, Jack, William, Jude, Bethany, Ebonie, Ethan, Finn, Sydney, Chloe, Jaydon & Noah

The event involved schools from the Norwich East area. 15 teams took part. We eventually won group 2 having played 8 games only losing 2

‘I think we all played well as a team as we scored lots of tries by playing wisely’ Bradleigh

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