Bitterns Maths Plans

This is our Spring maths plan which outlines the content that the Bitterns will be learning each week within the spring term. Certain weeks might be switched around, extended or altered depending on the children’s learning and ability within a given area, however this should provide a good insight into the topic areas covered within the next term. 

Herons’ Maths

We are always finding new ways to learn our times tables- this one is called Splat!  Using metre sticks makes it even noisier and more fun.  

Herons Maths

We have worked hard on expanding our knowledge of decimals and fractions, including converting cm to mm.

The measurements resulted in spirals.

Kingfishers Maths

We have been reading, writing and ordering 2 digit numbers. We are becoming more confident but we don’t always get it right!!Some of us have been setting our own challenges – it was pretty tricky building our own 100 square but we had a good strategy!!

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