Making Silly Putty

As part of their work on exploring the properties of materials and forces, Kingfishers made silly putty. Throughout the activity, the properties of their mixture changed and they were challenged to think of words to describe the properties. With their successful putty, they explored which forces they needed to apply to change the shape.

It was great fun, if a little messy!!

If you want to have a go at home, you need 60ml of washing up liquid and 45g of cornflour.

Wind Energy Museum Trip

On our trip to the Wind Energy museum, we experimented with changing the number of blades to generate electricity from a wind turbine; tried out alternative power – elastic bands to turn blades to run cars and wind power to fly kites.

Herons Science

We have been exploring pre- history to find out about how the fossil record millions of years ago can explain changes in climate and evolution.

We have made our own fossils from by casting plaster of paris in moulds of seashells pressed into clay.

We had to be paleantologists and “dig out” the fossils we had made from the clay using tools and toothbrushes!

We have investigated different rock characteristics- some rocks are permeable and absorb water.

Kingfishers Fossils

We have been finding out about what fossils are and how they are formed. We then had fun making our own examples of fossils. We made salt dough and then used dinosaurs to make impressions!!

Kingfishers Science

Once the Kingfishers had made their boats and were sure that they would float, it was time for them to create and carry out their own investigation.The question they needed to answer was ‘ Which boat would be the best to rescue as many people from a deserted island?’ In groups, they created an investigation which they felt would answer this question. They then carried out their investigation and recorded the results.With these results, each group were successful in answering the question.Great science Kingfishers!

Kingfishers Tower Building

Kingfishers rose to the challenge once again this week. They continue to develop their group cooperation and communication skills whilst applying all our core values!!They built on the knowledge they acquired from the bridge building last week by building a tower which had to hold a can of food for 60 seconds! Their aim was also to make the tower as tall as they could.Whilst there was one tower taller than the others, all groups were successful in beating the 60 seconds – as you can see!

Perhaps they could now add to their towers to make them taller…

Just in case you think our scientists are always successful the first time! This group didn’t let it disappoint them though; they were able to offer many suggestions as to why their tower had not worked and what they would do differently. 

Kingfishers Raft Building

As scientists, we have been exploring materials and their properties. We have been abandoned on an island and need to get off!

We have designed, built and tested rafts. We found that we had to observe what was happening and then improve our designs. 

We had to persevere as it was not easy!!

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